ASCE Houston Branch History

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Houston Resiliency 

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"The Houston and Texas Central Railroad in the Development of Houston and Dallas"

The cities of Houston and Dallas began growing rapidly after railroads began building lines from and trhough the cities, bringing many new residents.  The Houston and Texas Central Railroad, beginning its name in 1856 to 1934, was the longest early railroad in Texas connecting Huoston and Dallas around 1872.  This presentation notes the rapid population growth, primarly due to railways, in Dallas and Houston from 1870 to 1890.  Railroad stsations in Dallas and Houston (SP Grand Central Station and Union Station) will be reviewed, as well as founders and early civil engineers of the H & TC.  The presentation closes with the new Texas Central Railway, a new high-speed passenger rail system that will connect Dallas and Ft. Worth with Houston. 

The Houston and Texas Central Railway of Dallas and Houston  presented by Jerry R. Rogers, Ph.D., P.E., D.WRE, Distinguished M.ASCE  


The Outstanding Civil Engineering Career of Robert J. Cummins, P.E. No. 15, 1953 Houston Engineer of the Year  presented by Jerry R. Rogers, Ph.D., P.E., D.WRE, Distinguished M.ASCE  


ASCE Houston Branch 65th Anniversary Proclamationfrom the City of Houston

Houston Astrodome - 1965 


Joseph Milton Howe in 1913 co-founded ASCE Texas and became the organization's fourth president in 1916. He was an Outstanding Houston civil engineer, being elected ASCE Director (1924-1926) and ASCE National V.P. (1930-1931). J. Milton Howe was Harris County Engineer from 1911 to 1936; he supervised $20,000,000 in the design and construction of many Harris County/Houston roads and bridges.


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