April 2019 Younger Member's Report

Previous Events

Volleyball Happy Hour

ASCE and YPT hosted a volleyball happy hour at Sideout Volleybar on March 21st. There was a great turnout for the first YMI social event of the year and everyone had a blast!  Thank you to everyone that came out to play and to those that helped organize the event.

This Upcoming Month

YM Volunteering Event: River, Lakes, Bays, ‘N Bayous Trash Bash!

Come out and help clean up Houston area waterways! ASCE Younger Members will be participating the 25thRiver, Lakes, Bays, ‘N Bayous Trash Bash which will be held on March 30, 2019. Volunteers will receive free lunch and a T-shirt for participating.

2ndAnnual Trivia Night

Join ASCE for our 2ndAnnual Trivia Night!  This will take place on April 29that the Cactus Cove Bar & Grill. Proceeds will go towards ASCE Houston Scholarships.  Tickets will cost $20 per person.  Check out the website for more details.


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