February 2019 Special E-Week Article

ASCE Houston Branch,

I hope all of you enjoyed your holiday season and are ready to begin 2019 with several exciting events with the ASCE Houston Branch. It’s that time of year again to celebrate our professions with Engineer’s Week, and as with previous years, ASCE is seeking volunteers to help out with the annual precursor to E-week, the Run of Pi.

As you are aware, engaging children in areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) is a very important part of continued improvement in the quality of life in our area, state, and nation.

We are fortunate in Houston to have both formal STEM programs, and schools that may not receive STEM funding but aim to reacht he students with programs that follow the STEM goals. As engineers, we are excited to have such programs available to young students. Funds raised as part of the fun run will be applied toward a "Give Back to the Community" grant program in which three (3) grants will be awarded to three (3) schools (i.e. 1 – elementary school, 1 – middle school, and 1 – high school). ASCE has been fortunate enough to have assisted with providing over $15,000 in grants to date!

Engineer’s Week Annual "Run of Pi" celebrates our 5th year of kicking off our Houston Engineers Week events and we have several new and exciting features to bring to your attention!

  • NEW Venue! This year the run will be held at Macgregor Park. Ongoing construction on the UH campus has made the campus run not feasible, although we are excited about the new location.
  • New 5K and 1K routes! Our new routes are designed with simplicity and clarity to ensure all our runners have a great time. We will have ample parking, a stage available for awards, and a fantastic certified route.
  • More Volunteers! We are excited to announce additional volunteers will be providing special attention to our 1K route. Look for them in new bright pink shirts!

The Run of Pi will be held on February 16, 2019 at the MacGregor Park near University of Houston Campus. We have five sponsorship levels, which provide different opportunities of recognition.

For more information contact Tara Payne

Infinity Sponsor - $5,000 (Exclusive title sponsor)

Exponential Sponsor - $2,500

Integral Sponsor - $1,000

Linear Sponsor - $500 

Fraction Sponsor - In kind donations


The Houston Engineers Week Committee is a registered non-profit organization, therefore, along with helping educate the younger generation and supporting the Houston engineering community at large, your donation is also tax deductible as a charitable donation. Thank you for your consideration and support and we look forward to seeing you at The Run of π! Should you have questions please contact Tara Payne at or check out the ASCE website for the sponsorship flyer and course map.


Secondly, the Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS) will be hosting their annual Girls Exploring Math & Science (GEMS) event on Saturday February 16th from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. This year, we are planning to show the students how to build a bridge with cups, straws & tapes. After building the bridge, we will test the strength of the bridge with weights & show them how weight/load can affect the stability of the bridge. Interested ASCE volunteers can send their contact info to Manik Mitra at & he will add you to the list. Also, feel free to contact HMNS directly for volunteer info!


For additional detail of the event please see the link below:

or check out the ASCE website!


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