February Technical Speaker 2

Tech Session 2: “Principals of Low Impact Development Multifunctional Design”

Mr. Steven F. Albert, P.E., CFM, Principal, Sherwood Design Engineers, Bio


Mr. David Batts, LEED AP, Director, EcoServices System Sales, Bio

The presenters will focus on the use of Low Impact Development as a tool for creative engineering design making use of development site footprints to achieve multiple project objectives. Multifunctional Design encompasses methods to increase lot yield, improve aesthetics, reduce capital costs, reduce localized flooding, and improve water quality. These principals allow for new avenues of engineering creativity with a focus on user outcomes to improve project economics while satisfying regulatory constraints. Examples will be presented for a wide variety of project types including commercial redevelopment, roadways, new commercial sites, multifamily housing, and urban and suburban single-family residential. Details on the specifics of hydologic and hydraulic methods used for analysis will be discussed.


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