Shadow an Engineer Day

ASCE Houston hosted a "Shadow an Engineer Day" on Friday October 24th 2014, where students from a KIP Charter High School participated by visiting local civil engineering firms and spending time with engineers to see what they really do. 

The purpose of the shadow an engineer program was to allow students to experience firsthand glimpse of what is involved in the field of civil engineering while observing the corporate skills, knowledge, and attitudes that are needed to be successful in the workplace. The student basically “shadowed” their respective engineering partner for the day and had  a great opportunity to explore different facets of engineering. Students were introduced to different disciplines of civil engineering and gained insight into the day-to-day engineering atmosphere. 

Thanks to the following engineering firms that donated their time and resources as business partners  for this program; Arup, Brown & Gay, Fugro Consultants, Klotz Consultants, and LJA Engineering.


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