Current Officers


Patrick Beecher
Terracon Consultants, Inc

Gareth Young
Gulf Interstate Engineering
(832) 412-6953
Past President

Brent Baldwin
Williams Gas Pipeline

Sarah Alvarez

Jason Brock
Binkley & Barfield, Inc.
Branch Director

Austin Brauel
VP Administration

Heather Guillen
VP Education

Luis Gonzalez
(713) 622-1444
VP Technical

Julia Clarke
Fugro USA Land, Inc
VP Communications

Brandon Ash
United Airlines
Section Director

Jason Ellison

Institute Chapter Liasons
Structural Engineering Institute (SEI)

Eric Methvin
LJA Engineering, Inc.
Environmental & Water Resources Institute (EWRI)

Andres Salazar
Walter P Moore and Associates, Inc.
Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute (COPRI)

Richard Ruchhoeft
Port of Houston Authority
e-mail: $$email$$
Geo-Institute (G-I)

Rebecca Cummins
Our active specialty institutes provide Houston members with access to technical, educational, and professional resources in specific areas of civil engineering. The individuals shown above lead our active institutes. The Houston Branch is in search of a leadres to start a local chapters of: AEI, CI, EMI, and TD&I. Interested in helping out?
  Contact Julia Clarke, our V.P. Technical. 

Committee Chairs
Technical Programs Chairman

Uttam Karmaker
Environmental Chairman

Keval Satra
Land Development Chairman

Andrew Sikes
Andrew Lonnie Sikes, Inc.
Transportation Chairman

Brian Blackwell
Geomatics/Surveying Chairman

Andrew Sikes
Andrew Lonnie Sikes Inc
Water & Wastewater Chairman

Rene Hurtado
HR Green
Water Resources Chairman

Manik Mitra
Geotechnical Chairman

Rebecca Cummins
Construction Management Chairman

Hamidreza Allahdadi
Airport Chairman

Brandon Ash
United Airlines
Membership Chair

Alexa Nichols
Primary & Secondary Education Chair

Manik Mitra
Newsletter Chair

Patrick Montgomery

Christopher Rosales
City of Houston
Social Media Chair

Alexa Nichols
Continuing Education Chair

Timothy Smelcer
Student Chapters Chair

Augustine Verrengia
Engineer's Week Chair

Jason Brock
Binkley & Barfield, Inc.
Historical Committee

David Collins
Public Affairs Committee

Wade Parks
KIT Professionals, Inc.
ASCE/HCA Meeting

Jason Ellison
Houston Land & Water Sustainability Forum/ Sustainability Technical Chair

Steven Albert
Younger Members Forum

Ashley Francis
Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions
ECH Liaison

Saud Memon
Past Presidents Council

Brent Baldwin
Williams Gas Pipeline
Our technical committee chairs help coordinate presentations throughout the year. Most presentations are held the hour prior to monthly branch meetings. Be on the lookout for technical presentaions coordinated by the indiviuals shown above throughout the year; it's a great way to get PHD credits! Interested in helping out with a technical committee?
Contact Uttam Karmaker, our Technical Programs Chair