2015-2016 Office Election Results

I would like to thanks all of the members that took the time to vote on the 2015-2016 slate of Houston Branch boards members.  This year’s we had almost twice as many members vote as last year.  I am happy to announce that the slate of officers was overwhelmingly approved by the members and will be inducted at our September Branch meeting.

The new officers include:

President Elect- Patrick Beecher, PE

VP Administration- Gareth Young, PE

VP Technical- Natalie Weiershausen, PE

VP Education- Jason Brock, PE

Secretary- Luis Gonzalez, PE

Branch Director- John Meyer


The returning officers are:

President- Brent Baldwin, PE

Past President- Jason Ellison, PE

Treasurer- Heather Guillen, PE

Section Director- Paul Voiles, PE