Younger Member's Report

This Past Month’s Events

Buffalo Bayou Cistern Tour:

This past month, ASCE YM members were able to go down into the historic Buffalo Bayou cisterns. They learned about the history, use, and transformation of the cisterns from municipal water storage to historic attraction. Thank you to all who attended the tour! It was a very popular event and will definitely be something we schedule again in the future!

ASIE North South Foundation National Finals:

ASCE volunteered for the North South Foundation National Finals at the University of Houston Campus. NSF is a volunteer-driven non-profit organization that grants scholarships to children in India as well as promotes education. NSF organized education contest including science, mathematics, geography, essay writing, public speaking, and spelling among others. The tasks assigned to volunteers ranged from working the contestant registration/information booth and giving directions to the locations of the events to lining up children for their contests and even carrying boxes. Events like this can only strengthen the shaping of the future’s minds. It was a great opportunity for ASCE to contribute to a good cause, while immersing in the Indian culture and sharpening our intercultural communication skills.

This Upcoming Month

As we begin the new term, we are welcoming a new group of YM officers. Our new team includes:

Branch Director: Mahsa Arastoo, P.E.

Technical Activities Chair: Xochitl Natividad, EIT

Community Service Activities Chair: Carrie French, P.E.

Social Activities Chair: Alik McCoy, EIT

Sandcastle Chair: Megan Nunley, P.E., CFM

Sandcastle Co-Chair: Alex Govea, EIT

Fundraiser Chair: Tim Smelcer, EIT

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!


Amanda Retta, EIT

ASCE Younger Member Forum Chair


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