May Technical Speaker 1

Data Driven Approach Towards Concept Development - A Traffic Engineer's Perspective

Mr. Koushik Arunachalam, P.E. - Principal, Arcadis Texas Infrastructure

The focus of this presentation is to provide an overview of the tools and techniques that traffic engineers should consider within the realm of a multi-disciplinary approach towards indentifying, developing, and evaluating transportation concepts to address mobility and safety needs of the travelling public. With the focus on performance measures based planning how can we use the modeling tools to reasonably capture measures of effectiveness as part of alternative evaluation.

Koushik Arunachalam is the Principal for Arcadis Texas Infrastructure Business Line. He has over 14 years of experience in research and consultancy with a broad focus of Traffic and ITS Engineers. Mr. Arunachalam's expertise includes freeway and arterial corridor studies, micro, meso, and macroscopic simulations, predictive saftey analysis, intelligent transportation system (ITS) / advanced transportation management system (ATMS), signal timing and performing benefit to cost analysis for infrastructure investments. He has extensive experience working across multiple DOT's that include TxDOT, Georgia DOT, Florida DOT, Ohio DOT, LADOTD, and North Carolina DOT. He currently is the Arcadis PM for multiple TxDOT projects that include TxDOT Houston Planning, TxDOT Houston Signal Timing, and TxDOT Statewide Traffic and ITS IDIQ contracts.


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