March Technical Speaker 2

Urban Applications of Low Impact Development

Mr. Jimmy Galvez

Low impact development techniques are being applied and to differing degrees in projects throughout the country where a sustainable approach is part of the initial vision for the project. In the case of infill development, these projects in their urban setting are no exception to their own set of challenges and opportunities while maintaing the original vision for the project.

This presentation will share a case study with the techniques applied from that initial visioning session to ensuring continuity of that vision through construction for the successful completion of the project. Lessons learned and the impact of those techniques will also be discussed.

Jimmy Galvez has a depth of design experience on projects at the institutional / high-education campus-scale, neighborhood district-scale, and streetscape city-scale for clients in public and private sectors. He has been responsible for the preparation of plans for land development projects, including site design, relevant claculations and project specifications; he has served as project lead in coordination with government agencies, outside consultants, office team members and contractors; and led the preparation of cost and bond estimates for private improvement projects.

At the institutional level, Jimmy has worked on a number of Sherwood Design Engineers' leading-edge sustainable campus projects inluding the UC Berkeley Lower Sproul Recevelopment Project in Berkeley, California and the Moscone Center Expansion in San Francisco, California. In both projects, he complete site grading, relocation of existing utilities, design of new utilities, storm water treatment design, and coordination between civil design and architectural/landscape architectural design through the use of low impact developmenet techniques as part of the project goals and vision.


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